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Kurs: - Intermediate

Modul: The Second Conditional

Autor: prof. Gordana Matorkić

Naziv jedinice: What if...

Materijali vezani uz ovu lekciju:

- Test what if...




Here are the answers of two young people, a girl and a boy who were interviewed for a survey on differences in reactions of men and women in the same situations.


1. If you had a first date with a girl/guy, how soon would you want him/her to telephone you after it?

Mark: Well, if I were really interested in her, I wouldn’t wait her to call. I would do it the very next day, because if I didn’t, somebody else might.

Sarah: The following morning, of course! I wouldn’t know he liked me if he didn’t call straight away. But, if he were shy, I would allow him one day. But, the next day…


2. If a guy/girl didn’t arrive on time for a date, how long would you wait?

Mark: I would be prepared to wait for a half an hour, and if she didn’t arrive by that time, I would be completely mad. There would be only few explanations I’d be ready to accept, for example – the Martians kidnapped her, she had a sudden call from the Queen of England or she didn’t wash her hair.

Sarah: Wait? I hate waiting! Five minutes, that’s my limit.


3. How would you feel if your partner forgot your birthday?

Mark: I would be angry and upset if my girlfriend forgot my birthday, but it would only last for a short time. If I loved her, I would find a way to overcome that.

Sarah: I’ve got few friends who wouldn’t care too much, but most of them are like me. I attach great importance to birthdays and if he forgot it, I would certainly break up with him.


4. What would you like the best as a present from your partner?

Mark: Clothes. I like wearing shirts my girlfriend bought me. Of course, if she had a bad taste, that wouldn’t be an option.

Sarah: Definitely flowers! All girls like flowers and if they said they didn’t, I wouldn’t believe.


5. What would you do to attract a member of the opposite sex?

Mark: If I really liked her and knew she was worth of it, I’d do anything. I’m a bit of a romantic guy, you see, so I would probably try first with flowers. Then, if she didn’t respond, I would write her a poem.

Sarah: I’d try walking in front of him in a short skirt. Trust me, it always works.


6. What would attract your attention to a guy/a girl?

Mark: An eye contact. I would never try anything with a girl who didn’t give me a reason. A nice glance is a good enough reason.

Sarah: Call me old-fashioned, but if he opened me the door or made some other gesture of a true gentleman, I would be impressed.


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