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Kurs: -- English - Intermediate

Modul: Modal Verbs

Autor: prof. Gordana Matorkić

Naziv jedinice: Online Dating

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- Test online dating
- Test online dating
- Online Dating (PDF dokument)

Stepping into the world of online dating, but concerned about your safety? Here are some helpful ideas that will give you a sense of comfort when meeting your date for the first time.
Remember to listen to your own instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or don't like the way things feel, maintain your distance and end the conversations. And don't give up. If you don't meet the love of your life, maybe you'll find some new good friends.

Try these to maintain your safety:

1. Meet when you're ready. A great thing about online dating is that you can take your time. You can learn about people at your own pace, and consider whether they appeal to you or not. If you don't like the person you can always cancel your date. It isn't obligatory to meet the person just because you are talking to him/her!

2. Meet in a public place. OK, you may be getting bored seeing this piece of advice everywhere you look. But consider this, if it is becoming a no-brainer for most people it must be really good advice. You save yourself a lot of worry and potentially dangerous situations if you simply meet in a public place filled with other people. Just think: who would EVER go a deserted place with a stranger?!

3. Be familiar with the area you choose. You will want to be able to arrive and leave on your own safely and comfortably. Choose a place you know well, and that has a good reputation. Don't go for a less popular, deserted type of establishment. Some suburbs are out of question! If you have travelled out of town to meet your date ( and I think there is no need to do that, it doesn't sound quite safe) choose a meeting place that is well known to the qualified staff in your hotel and is easily accessible by public transportation.

4. Don't choose one of your own regular hang outs. If you walk in and there are many people there who know you, this can make your date feel very uncomfortable. You also will jeopardize your privacy. In addition, if you decide not to pursue the relationship, it is possible that your date will start coming to this establishment which can be awkward for you. The person can become obsessive or aggressive, you never know.

5. Do not travel together. Meeting in a public place, also means that you don't get into a car with this new person on the first date, and you do not reveal where you live. Be prepared to provide all of your own transportation. If necessary call a friend or taxi. If your date is worth pursuing, he will understand and respect you decision to maintain separate travel.

6. Make your own arrangements. This is especially valuable if you are travelling to another city to meet your online date. It is up to you to make your own hotel and travel arrangements. And, make sure you are playing an active and conscious part in planning where you will meet.


7. Make sure someone knows about your date. Give a friend or relative all of the details about the date. You want to make sure someone else has the name of the person you are meeting, the location, the time of the date and the time you are expected to be home. You may even want to call your friend periodically throughout the evening to check in and make sure you are alright. You never know who you are going to meet, and you will feel much better when somebody is informed about where you are.

8. Take your cell phone. It is always good to have a phone for emergencies, and in this case, it will be really smart if you have someone call you at a pre-determined time to check on you. Consider having a code word for them to know that you need help. It's a good idea to use a person's name. If you choose the name Anastasia and then ask your friend, "how is Anastasia," your friend will immediately know that you need help.

9. Don't drink too much. Drinking can interfere in your ability to make safe decisions and be able to take care of yourself.

10. Leave if you feel uncomfortable. If something doesn't feel right, do not hesitate to cut the evening short. Make sure you are in a safe place to exit and head toward your car. If not, ask for help from a manager who can help assure your safety.

11. Watch for strange behaviour. As you progress to the 2nd and 3rd date, if your partner adapts some odd behaviour like wanting to meet far from home or has strange rules about contact, use your good sense, and end it.




Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
sense – osećaj, smisao
comfort – udobnost, komfor
pace – korak, tempo, brzina
trait – osobina
feature – odlika, svojstvo
reputation – ugled, glas, reputacija
establishment – ustanova
staff – osoblje
pre-determined time – unapred dogovoreno vreme
code word – šifra
maintain – održavati, sačuvati
appeal – dopadati se, privući
settle – odlučiti se, smiriti, skućiti
hang out – visiti ( provoditi vreme)
jeopardize – rizikovati, dovesti u opasnost, ugrožavati
pursue – nastaviti
reveal – otkriti
interfere – umešati se
hesitate – oklevati
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
helpful - koristan
uncomfortable – nelagodan, neudoban
likely – verovatno (prilog), verovatan (pridev)
good-hearted - dobrodušan
sincere – iskren
self-assured – samopouzdan
confident – siguran, uveren
enjoyable – prijatan
no-brainer – očigledan, jednostavan
accessible – dostupan, pristupačan
awkward – neprijatan, nelagodan
valuable – koristan, vredan
conscious – svestan
odd – čudan
in addition – zatim,osim toga
whether – bilo da, da li
throughout - tokom



Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
sense – feeling, impression
comfort – commodity
pace – walk, tempo, speed, rate
trait – characteristic, feature, quality, attribute
feature – characteristic, trait
reputation – status, prestige
establishment – house, building
staff – workers, employees, personnel, workforce
code word – password
maintain – preserve
appeal – attract, draw
settle – settle down, quieten, put down roots
jeopardize – endanger, threaten, put at risk, put in jeopardy
pursue – continue, maintain, carry on, keep on
interfere – affect
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
helpful – useful, practical, productive, profitable
uncomfortable – uneasy, troubled, disturbed, embarrassed
likely – probably, no doubt, presumably
good-hearted –  openhearted, benevolent, charitable
sincere – honest, genuine, real, true
self-assured – confident, assured
confident – self-assured, positive, assured, bold, self-confident, self-reliant
enjoyable – pleasurable, good, great, fine
accessible – available
awkward – difficult
valuable – useful, important, profitable, worthwhile, beneficial, valued, helpful
conscious – aware
odd – peculiar, strange, unusual, different
in addition – as well as, on top of, besides, additionally
whether – if



Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):

sense – apathy, being, reality

comfort – inconvenience

pace – slowness

trait – usualness

reputation – disrespect

establishment – disorganisation

pre-determined time – flexible, undetermined, unplanned

maintain – destroy, abandon

appeal – discourage

settle – disturb, irritate

hang out – separate, leave, disagree

jeopardize – guard, protect

pursue – give up, ignore

reveal – hide, withhold

interfere – assist, aid

hesitate – persist, continue

Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

helpful - unhelpful, unsuitable, useless

uncomfortable – comfortable

likely – unlikely

good-hearted - unfriendly, unsociable

sincere – insincere, unimportant

self-assured – uncertain, unsure, shy

confident – shy, unsure

enjoyable – unenjoyable, unpleasant

accessible – inaccessible

awkward – pleasant, helpful

valuable – worthless, unhelpful

conscious – careless, indifferent

odd – normal, common, usual, typical



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