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Kurs: -- English - Pre-Intermediate

Modul: Present Perfect Tense

Autor: prof. Gordana Matorkić

Naziv jedinice: What Do Women Want?

Materijali vezani uz ovu lekciju:

- Test what do women want?
- Test what do women want?
- What Do Women Want? (PDF dokument)

Since the beginning of time, every man has tried to discover the secret of what women want. Movies have been made, plays have been inspired, songs written and books dedicated to find the answer to this mystifying question. And, in spite of all this, the mystery continues.

The answer, however, is not very difficult to find. It usually happens, that when the truth is out there, just in front of you, you are not aware of it.

To understand women, the first thing that men need to do is stop believing that men and women have totally different thoughts and actions and behaviour. Men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus. Women have similar aspirations, dreams and expectations like men.

To find out what a woman wants you need to find what a man wants. It is love, care and affection, money, success and status, appreciation, friendship and admiration. All this and much more...

That is the answer! Women have always wanted all these things. This is true, not only about the great ideals of life, but also about the small everyday things. Once you understand this, you'll never be confused about what it is that is demanded of you. Try to imagine yourself in some situation and ask yourself what you would want in a similar situation. For example, after a tiring day, if a man would want to lie down or have a cup of coffee, that’s what a woman would want, too. Similarly, as a man wants to achieve success, power and status in his professional career; that's exactly on a woman's mind as well.

I cannot say that there are not any differences but these differences have to do with reaction-patterns and behaviour and not the needs. For example, most women like to discuss problems for a long time, but men usually try to solve them in the fastest way possible. Women like to share their thoughts and feelings and they want men to listen to them. It is just important to listen, it is not necessary to offer solutions. Also, one thing that is very difficult for men to understand is that women cry easily. It does not matter whether the occasion is a happy or a sad one. In such situations women need a little more care and affection.




Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
mystery - misterija
truth - istina
behaviour - ponašanje
aspiration - stremljenje, težnja
expectation - očekivanje
care - briga, brižnost
success - uspeh
appreciation - cenjenje, priznanje
admiration - divljenje
ideal - ideal
career - karijera
reaction-pattern - reakcija
need - potreba
solution - rešenje
 discover - otkriti
inspire - inspirisati
dedicate - posvetiti
continue - nastaviti
demand - tražiti
have to do - imati veze (sa nečim)
solve - rešiti
share - deliti, podeliti
offer - ponuditi
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
mystifying - misteriozan, zbunjujući
aware - svestan
totally - potpuno
similar - sličan
confused - zbunjen
tiring - zamoran
similarly - slično
professional - profesionalan
exactly - tačno
in spite of - uprkos



Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):

mystery – puzzle, riddle
truth – reality, real life
behaviour – attitude, manner
aspiration – desire, aim
expectation – anticipation, hope
care – attention
success – prosperity
appreciation – admiration, respect
admiration – appreciation, affection
ideal – principle, ideology
career – occupation, vocation
need – necessity
solution – answer


discover – find out
inspire – motivate, stimulate
dedicate – devote
continue – go on
demand – request, claim
solve – work out, resolve
share – divide
offer – give


Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

mystifying – mysterious
aware – conscious
totally – completely
similar – alike
confused – puzzled
tiring – exhausting
similarly – likewise
professional – qualified, skilled
exactly – precisely 


in spite of – despite




Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):

mystery - known, understanding
truth - lie
aspiration - apathy, indifference
expectation - disbelief, distrust
care - neglect, ignorance
success - failure, loss
appreciation - dishonor, dislike
admiration - dishonor, disrespect
career - amusement, avocation, entertainment
need - disinterest
solution - question, trouble

discover - neglect, overlook
inspire - discourage
dedicate - withhold
continue - cease, stop
demand - deny, disclaim
solve - complicate, confuse, misunderstand
share - collect, keep
offer - withdraw, withhold


Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

mystifying - clear, obvious
aware - unaware, ignorant
totally - incompletely, partially
similar - different
confused - organized, systematic
tiring - easy
similarly - differently
professional - amateur, unprofessional
exactly - indefinite, incompletely, inexactly


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