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Kurs: - Elementary

Modul: Dates

Autor: prof. Gordana Matorkić

Naziv jedinice: Some Important Events

Materijali vezani uz ovu lekciju:

- Test some important events
- Test some important events




Two friends met in the street. They decided to go to a bar for a drink. They talked about some important events.

Ingrid: I’m so sorry I wasn’t at your wedding. When was it? Can you tell me something about your wedding?

Elisabeth: Oh, it was five months ago, in September. Actually, it was on September 5th. It was a pretty typical wedding day. But I started the preparations in April. On 5th of September I was very excited. It was the first time I felt so nervous. When I got up in the morning I got dressed. The wedding dress was so beautiful and modern. I was so excited. Then we drove to the church, and we arrived about five minutes late. That is the tradition here. Then the service started, and after the service, a photographer took some photos. I was really happy. But my mother cried in every photo. And finally we went to the wedding reception. It was wonderful, we danced, everybody was happy, people laughed and they stayed until about two in the morning. It was a wonderful day. And what about your sister? When did she marry?

Ingrid: Well, it was on 21st of December. She looked very lovely. She was a very beautiful bride. It was her first marriage, but her husband was married before. That was his third marriage. That`s why everybody was so suspicious. His first marriage was in 1999, the second one in 2001, in March, I think. The first time he and his wife were very young. They didn`t think about their future life. So they got divorced after only five months, on January 23rd, in 2000. The second one was a real disaster. His wife suddenly became very jealous, she went with him everywhere. He didn`t like it, so they got divorced in 2003. We all hope this marriage will last forever. They went to Venice for their honeymoon, and they had real fun there!

Elisabeth: Bill phoned me last month. He graduated in January. After a year of hard work, at the beginning of the year, the day when he passed the exam finally arrived . He was very excited when he found his name on the list. He left the building, dancing and singing, people probably thought he was crazy. But he didn`t care. He was so happy. So he decided to have a party. It was on January 17th. He invited a lot of people. And his flat became a real disco. There were many people, they danced all night. And the party finished when everybody was tired. It was at five in the morning, I think.

Ingrid: So, you had a wonderful time there... Oh, I must tell you. I met Melissa with her baby last week.

Elisabeth: Oh, really! I didn’t know she was pregnant.

Ingrid: Yes, her little daughter was born on December 7th. I remember that date because it is my birthday. I was born on the same date. But, of course, many years before.


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