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Kurs: - Elementary

Modul: Adverbs

Autor: prof. Gordana Matorkić

Naziv jedinice: Picnic After All

Materijali vezani uz ovu lekciju:

- Test picnic after all
- Test picnic after all




Helen is at home these days because she worked really hard last month so her boss gave her some days off work. Since she doesn`t like just sitting at home while all her friends go to work during the day (and she has already visited all of them!), she talked to Mark last night and they made a decision to go to the country for a picnic on Saturday. They made preparations very carefully what to buy and what to take. But before they go, Mark has to go to his office on Saturday morning to take some papers.

On Friday evening, at about midnight, the phone rang. Helen answered the phone. It was Mark`s boss.

MARK`S BOSS: "I`m so sorry for calling this late. Can I speak to Mark, please?"

HELEN: "Yes, of course. Mark, it`s your boss on the phone!"

(She passed him the phone nervously.)

MARK: "What`s the trouble?"

MARK`S BOSS: "Well, you really need to come as quickly as you can", she heard Mark`s boss, "we have an emergency here. Something`s wrong with the …", she didn`t want to hear anything more.

MARK: "Ok. I`ll be right there."

He hung up and started to look for his clothes. He got dressed very quickly. Helen looked at him angrily.

HELEN: "What`s wrong? What does he want this time? He always calls you when we have plans!"

MARK: "Honey, don`t be angry. He really needs me this time. Trust me. We`re going to our picnic!"

He drove to work very fast. She was angry but also very sad, probably because he left her alone. She didn`t know what to do, so she slowly went back to bed and fell asleep.

When she woke up in the morning Mark wasn`t there. She looked fearfully at her watch and thought: "I was so angry with him last night, but now I`m afraid because he`s not here." She wanted to call him, but the same moment she heard their car. It was Mark, she knew. He spent the whole night in the office, working very hard to fix all the mistakes, and now he was there. He looked at her softly and told her to take the things to the car. She did it obediently, without saying a word. She was so happy, but also a little worried.

HELEN: "You are tired, you can`t drive", she told him when she got inside the car.

MARK: "Don`t worry, darling. You know that I drive very well. I`ll sleep when we get there."

He started the engine and they drove happily to their picnic site.


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