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Kurs: -- English - Business English

Modul: Leadership - Liderstvo

Autor: prof. Gordana Matorkić

Naziv jedinice: Lessons about Leadership

Materijali vezani uz ovu lekciju:

- Test lessons about leadership
- Lessons about Leadership (PDF dokument)

Over the past ten months as "Broadwick and Virante" have grown, I've learned a lot about managing people. A business is little without the people behind it. The two most important things I look for when hiring are initiative and work ethic. I cannot underestimate the importance of bringing on good people to the eventual success of your business. But once you have these good people, how do you manage them?

I would certainly submit that I have much left to learn about leadership and management, but here are a few tips I've learned that may be of some use.

  1. Have a Vision and Communicate It - Make sure you clearly communicate your vision for the company. No one follows a leader who cannot communicate the way in which the company will succeed. Each employee's future is tied closely to the success of your company. Make sure they believe in your company, what it stands for, and its products and services and make sure they know that the hard work they are putting in now will pay off.
  2. Show Respect - Treat people, both your customers, suppliers, partners, and employees, with respect at all times.
  3. Share Your Success - Make sure your employees share in the success of your company. As the company is able, provide additional benefits such as healthcare. As an employee's skills and abilities grow, reward them with fair compensation. Finally, consider stimulating your top employees and managers with ownership in the company.
  4. Don't Be Too Serious - Make the business environment fun at times. While being professional and taking things seriously is important, nothing can beat the effects of company-wide midnight round of bowling after it reaches an important milestone, a lunchtime pizza party once per month, or a spontaneous darts duel.
  5. Work With Your Employees - Make sure the employees see you there and working with them. No one likes to work hard for someone who doesn't work hard themselves. Especially early on, be the first to arrive and the last to leave whenever possible.
  6. Have Your Door Open - Whether or not you have your own office yet, have your "door" open. Make sure your employees and managers know that you are approachable at any time about any problem they are having.
  7. Listen - You have built a great team and are paying top dollar for it. Hold meetings with your management team at least every other week, if not more often. Also have informal ad hoc discussions with your partners, managers, and employees often. Get their feedback, discuss the business and its strategy, and inquire every so often if there is anything that you can help with that is frustrating them. A few weeks ago I had a quick meeting with my lead programmer. After inquiring if anything was frustrating him, it came out that he felt he was working in an environment in which he became distracted too often. We quickly devised a solution in which he would work at home four hours per day until we could move into a larger office in which the programmers team could work in a separate room away from the distraction of the sales and support team. This small change has doubled our programmer's productivity.
  8. Build Relationships -  Without understanding at least the basics of what is occurring in an employee's out-of-office life it can be hard to connect with him or her on a professional level. One tactic I've used successfully to get to know each employee personally is to take them and his or her significant other to dinner the first evening of their employment. It serves as a way to celebrate the occasion as well as learn a little bit about the employee that would not come out in interviews or through reading a resume.
  9. Commend More Than You Criticize - Too many business owners will only say something to an employee when he or she has done something wrong or something that has negatively affected the company. While constructive criticism and appropriate guidance has its place, if you seem to only condemn and never praise, your employees will quickly either dislike you or show apathy in their jobs. Continued properly placed praises can be as powerful to getting quality results out of an employee as a large raise. Many people thrive on superior recognition just as much as money. Instituting both an employee of the month award as well as a quarterly performance review can be extremely valuable to your company. 

    As a manager and business owner, you gain an immense responsibility. You control the activity and purpose that your employees dedicated half of their waking hours to. Make it a meaningful purpose, communicate your vision, respect and praise your employees, and share your success. If you can succeed in building a team of highly motivated and happy employees that take initiative, respect you, and truly care for the business, you will have done much of the work in building a strong and quickly growing organization.



Leaders Care - Inspirational Leadership Video




Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
leadership - liderstvo
initiative - inicijativa
tip - savet
skill- veština
ability - sposobnost
ownership - vlasništvo
bowling - kuglanje
milestone - prekretnica
darts - igra pikada
feedback - povratna informacija
environment - okruženje,sredina
distraction - ometanje
employee - zaposleni
employment - zaposlenje
occasion - prilika
resume - rezime, biografija
guidance - rukovođenje,vođenje
apathy - ravnodušnost, apatija
raise - povišica
recognition - priznanje
superior - pretpostavljeni
award - nagrada
review - pregled, izveštaj
hire - zaposliti, angažovati
overestimate - preceniti
submit - priznati, predati se
make sure - uveriti se, pobrinuti se za
put in - ulagati
pay off - isplatiti se
treat - tretirati
provide - obezbediti, dati
reward - nagraditi
beat - pobediti, nadmašiti, biti bolji
reach - stići do, dosegnuti
hold meeting - držati sastanak
inquire - pitati, ispitivati
come out - otkriti se, ispostaviti se
devise a solution - smisliti rešenje
double - udvostručiti
occur - desiti se
celebrate - proslaviti
commend - pohvaliti
criticize - kritikovati
affect - pogoditi, imati uticaj na
condemn - osuditi
praise - hvaliti
place – staviti, smestiti
thrive on - biti stimulisan nečim
gain - dobiti
dedicate - posvetiti
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
tied to - vezan za
additional - dodatni
at times - povremeno, s vremena na vreme
approachable- raspoložen za razgovor / druženje
at least - barem
informal - neformalan
distracted - ometan
separate - odvojen
appropriate - odgovarajući
properly - ispravno, na pravi način
quarterly - kvartalno
immense - ogroman
meaningful - smislen



Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
leadership – guidance, government, authority
initiative – drive, push, energy, spirit, enthusiasm
tip – advice
skill– expertise, ability, technique
ability – skill, talent, potential, competence
ownership – possession, occupancy
milestone – turning point
feedback – reaction, response, evaluation, comment, criticism
environment – surroundings, circumstances, conditions
distraction – interference, interruption
employee – worker, labourer, workman , staff member
employment – job, work, business, position, post
occasion – event, happening, occurrence
resume – curriculum vitae, CV
guidance – guidance, leadership
apathy – indifference
raise – rise, pay increase
recognition – approval, honour, acknowledgment
superior – boss, senior, director, manager, chief, supervisor
award – prize, gift
review – evaluation, report, analysis
hire – employ, engage
overestimate – exaggerate, overvalue
submit – agree, surrender, give in
make sure – make a point
treat – handle, deal with, take care of
provide – supply, give, contribute
reward – reinforce, honour
beat – exceed, best, top, surpass
reach – arrive, get to, gain, achieve
inquire – ask, question, investigate
come out – become known, result
double – duplicate, enlarge
occur – happen, take place
celebrate – rejoice, party, honour
commend – praise, compliment
affect – influence, involve, impact
condemn – criticize, disapprove, censure
praise – honour, admire glorify
place – put, set
thrive on – prosper, do well, flourish
gain – acquire, get, receive, achieve, earn
dedicate – devote, apply
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
additional – extra, more, added
at times – on occasion, sometimes
approachable– friendly, open, sociable accessible
at least – in any event, anyway
informal – casual, unofficial
separate – detached, divided
appropriate – suitable, fitting, proper
properly – correctly, appropriately
immense – huge, great, massive, vast, large, giant, enormous, tremendous
meaningful – expressive, suggestive, meaning, pointed



Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):

leadership - weakness, powerlessness, inability

initiative - idleness, inactivity

skill- ignorance, incompetence

ability - incapability, incompetence, weakness

feedback - question

distraction - peace, order, calmness

employee - employer

employment - unemployment

apathy - interest, curiosity, ambition, enthusiasm

raise - decrease, drop, reduction

recognition - ignorance, denial, disagreement

superior - inferior

award - forfeit, loss

hire - dismiss, fire

overestimate - ignore, depreciate

submit - contradict, refuse

make sure - endanger, harm, hurt, contradict

put in - take, increase, rise, take away, take out

pay off - hinder, stop

treat - disregard, ignore, neglect

provide - conceal, disapprove, disorganize

reward - penalise, punish

beat - fall behind, lose, fail, give up

reach - fall behind, miss

inquire - ignore, answer, neglect, reply, respond

come out - hide

devise a solution - disorder, disorganise, forget, ignore

double - decrease, diminish, reduce

occur - hide, precede, stop

celebrate - ignore, neglect, condemn

commend - criticise, blame, censure, disapprove

criticize - approve, praise, compliment

affect - discourage, remain

condemn - approve, compliment, praise

praise - criticize, disapprove, dishonour

place – disestablish, displace

thrive on - fail, lose

gain - fail, forfeit, destroy

dedicate - withhold, hold, keep

Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

additional - necessary

at times - always

approachable- unapproachable, inaccessible, unsociable

at least - completely, totally

informal - formal, official

distracted - observant

separate - common, combined, together

appropriate - inappropriate, improper, incorrect

properly - improperly, incorrectly, inappropriately

immense - small, restricted, tiny, unimportant

meaningful - insignificant, minor, unimportant


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