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Kurs: - Intermediate

Modul: The Third Conditional

Autor: prof. Gordana Matorkić

Naziv jedinice: I Wish we Had

Materijali vezani uz ovu lekciju:

- Test i wish we had




Khaled Batarfi is a Muslim thinker who talks about the good and bad things connected with the Muslims and their society. Here are some of his thoughts on Arabic business, education, terrorism…

I wish we had an open, global and friendly business environment. Investments and jobs would be plentiful. We wouldn’t need to send experienced foreign experts home and force ill prepared Saudis into jobs. We could ask Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai about the virtues of good business.

I wish we were better people, adhering to our Islamic teachings. We would then be more hospitable and no guest would be treated as a “stranger.”

I wish we had recognized that our education system is not a creature living in a world of its own: too theoretical, unfeasible and almost surreal. Our schools produce impractical, unreliable and out-of-date experts who cannot cope with market requirements.

I wish we had not allowed ideology to influence our education as much as it has during the last 25 years and that we used a more tolerant version of Islam in preserving our kids’ sanity.

Our schools don’t make terrorists; most of us aren’t, but some books and teachers certainly helped. By teaching suspicion of the “other”, whether non-Muslim or non-Shiite, non-Saudi or non-Arab, some educators introduced preachers of hate to the audience.

I wish we responded less defensively and more responsibly to the fact that fifteen of nineteen terrorists were Saudis. The driving force behind their actions is an extreme version of Islam that is not uncommon to all of us.

I wish we thought earlier of the national dialog and reforms. We wouldn’t have faced so many needs, in such a short time, with so limited capacity. Justice, equality and human dignity should be basic rights for all. That should include the less privileged, especially women, Shiite and non-Saudi.

We started late in the game, but we still can win. All we need is well-defined goals and a strong determination. Allah will help us with the rest.


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