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Kurs: - Business English

Modul: Travelling on Business - Poslovna putovanja

Autor: prof. Gordana Matorkić

Naziv jedinice: Choosing a Hotel




The most important thing when choosing a hotel for an international meeting is the meeting room or rooms. For example, you may need a large room where everyone can be together for presentations, and smaller meeting rooms for informal group discussions.

Then, if people are coming from different countries, you need to find out about rooms for them to stay in. These should be spacious and comfortable, and have facilities for using e-mail and laptops, as people have to keep in touch with their offices even when they are away.

The next point is amenities for hotel guests- things like a bar, a good quality restaurant and fitness and sports facilities. These are important because delegates need to be able to relax after a long day of meetings and get to know each other in informal situations.

Finally, for an international meeting where delegates are coming from different countries, it can be very useful to choose a hotel which has good transport connections with the nearest airport. This can save everybody a lot of time.

Karl Davidson is organizing the next project team meeting so he has booked rooms at the Crowne Hotel which is near the Park Avenue and quite close to the airport. Right now, he’s receiving a call from the manager of the hotel.


Patricia            Could I speak to Mr Davidson, please?

Karl                  Yes, this is he.

Patricia            Oh, good afternoon, Mr Davidson. My name is Patricia Callahan from the Crowne Hotel. You rang me yesterday about a meeting you are organizing.

Karl                  Yes, the meeting in New York.

Patricia             That’s right. I’m getting back to you with some prices.

Karl                  OK, I’m listening.

Patricia            Prices for the rooms first. For five people for two nights, it’s a total of $2,180. That’s our group rate.

Karl                  OK.

Patricia           And for a meeting room for two days, it’s $150 per day. That includes a buffet lunch, soft drinks and coffee.

Karl                  Yes, that’s very nice. I will write it all down, including your name. You said Patricia …

Patricia            Yes, Patricia Callahan, it’s C-A-double L-A-H-A-N.

Karl                  Well, thank you very much, Ms Callahan. We’ll get back to you.

Patricia            Thank you. Have a nice day.


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